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Working at Cybersprout

Our people come from all over the world, from Japan, Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Eastern Europe, and their cultures are diverse.

By leveraging cultural differences and bringing together individual wisdom, we can do a great job of satisfying our customers. We are committed to creating a work culture and environment that enables our team to do their best work.

Work from Home

Enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere.

Flexible Schedules

Avoid crowded travel hours and work at the time you prefer.



Delivering results with a team

Surrounded by high calibre colleagues who act on their initiative and collaborate to pursue a common goal.

Best Tools of the Trade

You get to choose latest spec and choice of your OS.

Team Ethos

Teamwork is a creed we live by.

Bento Lunch

Let’s go wild at least once a month, shall we?







TAFEP standards compliance

We are proud to be compliant with progressive employment practices


We are made up of highly goal-oriented individuals from all over the world with diverse areas of expertise.

IT Services & Solutions

As part of the IT team (a team of software developers), you will be involved in the design, implementation, maintenance, and operation of various web applications/software.


You will be responsible for designing plans for website UI/UX improvements, building designs using Adobe software, as well as coding using HTML/CSS and Javascript.

Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing team is responsible for the development of an end to end marketing plan which covers design, implementation and release of the e-commerce website. The team works alongside the internal IT and UI/UX teams to ensure fast and efficient marketing.

Our available roles

Are you creative, looking for something different? Can you think outside the box and come up with solutions? You like to work hard and perform your best in a fun, high calibre environment. Sounds interesting?

Job Requirements

  • Shortlisted applicants are required to sit for a written Japanese test (estimated 30 minutes) and the interview will be conducted in the Japanese language by the Japanese hiring manager.
  • Minimum a Diploma.
  • Competent in spoken and written Japanese language with a minimum certification of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 1 (JLPT N1) because the websites are in the Japanese language.
  • Effective communication skills, in both spoken and written Japanese language to present across, information, ideas in images, videos, and in the transcript structure to the Japanese customers in Japan.
  • Proficient in and familiar with using the Japanese keyboard for daily correspondence via the communication platforms (email, skype & slack), for amendments, revision, and uploads on the websites.
  • Minimum 2 years of relevant work experience in Japanese web marketing in the Japanese language.
  • Relevant work experience in operations of the B2C e-commerce management system.
  • Relevant experience in writing a blog and engaging in social media in the Japanese language.
  • Relevant experience in planning, executing, and disseminating of B2C Japanese newsletter and operating marketing automation tool in the Japanese language.
  • Relevant experience in using web analytic tools.
  • Proficient in MS Office applications.
  • Basic knowledge of HTML / CSS.

 Job Responsibilities:

  • Analytics: From reporting in Japanese and analysing data to decision making and campaign optimisation.
  • Website activation: Support new content creation & implementation – copywriting and page creation in Japanese.
  • Budget management: Lead, follow-up and be responsible for monthly tracking of the E-commerce evolution cost.
  • Keep the team updated of the Japanese market trends and respective new developments in Japan.
  • Work with Japanese affiliate agencies to deliver affiliate strategies at a tactical level.
  • Identify and create new Japanese affiliate marketing programmes.
  • Work with Web Design team, to brief, build and upload display banners in Japanese, in-line with marketing campaigns in Japan.
  • To review reports in Japanese and deliver insights and changes to increase ROI and drive efficiency.
  • To identify and implement new Japanese opportunities within search, maximising the effectiveness and efficiency through web analysis and testing.
  • Upload meta data and URL structure in line with the overall SEO strategies.
  • To increase consistency to drive and improve in the Japanese marketing campaign performance.

Job Requirements

  • Minimum a Diploma in Computer Science, Engineering, information Technology or equivalent.
  • Proven experience or in a similar leadership role.
  • Knowledge of technological trends to build strategy.
  • Experience in analysis, implementation and evaluation of IT systems and their specifications.
  • Sound understanding of computer systems (hardware/software), networks etc.
  • Experience in controlling information technology budget, improving operations, business-planning, and its financial performance.
  • Excellent organizational and leadership skills.
  • Strategic thinking.
  • Outstanding communication abilities.
  • Problem-solving aptitude.


Job Responsibilities

  • Develop technical aspects of the company’s strategy to ensure alignment with its business goals.
  • Discover and implement new technologies that yield competitive advantage.
  • Oversee all technology operations (e.g., network security) and infrastructure and evaluate them according to established goals.
  • Devise and establish IT policies and systems to support the implementation of strategies set by senior management.
  • Analyse the business requirements of all departments to determine their technology needs.
  • Build quality assurance and data protection processes.
  • Monitor KPIs and IT budgets to assess technological performance.
  • Purchase efficient and cost-effective technological equipment and software.
  • Inspect the use of technological equipment and software to ensure functionality and efficiency.
  • Identify the need for upgrades, configurations, or new systems and report to the senior management.
  • Coordinate and work with Senior IT Manager, and its team of web developers and other professionals to provide guidance.
  • Ensure the team members work productively and develop professionally.
  • Direct the team’s assessment process.
  • Control budget and report on expenditure.
  • Prepare regular reports for the senior management.
  • Provide solutions to issues (e.g., profit decline, team members’ conflicts, loss of business revenue, or loss of business to competitors)
  • Use stakeholders’ feedback to inform necessary improvements and adjustments to technology.

Job Requirements

  • Minimum a Diploma in Information Technology related studies.
  • Minimum 3 years of relevant work experience as a Developer.
  • Proficient and Deep understanding in HTML, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL
  • Good Knowledge in PHP frameworks (Like CodeIgniter / Laravel).
  • Basic Knowledge in Development and Management Tools: CI/CD (Jenkins / GoCD), Git, Automated testing (Codeception / jasmine / cypress).
  • Familiar with at Development Patterns such as: MVC, Agile, OOP.
  • Good understanding of documentation process and keeping abreast of the latest trend of hardware and IT services available in the market.
  • Advantage for knowledge of: Ruby on Rails / Node.js / NoSQL / Postgres.
  • Relevant knowledge and understanding of the pros and cons of the various types of technologies / frameworks / languages.
  • Open to understand and evaluate new technology and suggest integration to improve current company system.


Job Responsibilities

  • To communicate with internal stakeholders to determine the task goals, troubleshoot issues and recommend optimal solutions for improvements in addition to rectifying and resolving problems encountered.
  • To develop software for the various types of services provided.
  • To document developed software according to industry standards.
  • To submit the respective reports as scheduled daily / weekly / monthly as required.

Job Requirements:

  • A degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related field.
  • Minimum 5 years hands on experience in the company’s core programming language (PHP, HTML, CSS).
  • Hands on experience in the company’s secondary programming language / frameworks (Laravel / Ruby on Rails / Vue.js / Angular / webpack).
  • End-to-end experience with full software development cycle (requirements through implementations) as Full Stack Engineer.
  • Effective capability to manage multiple tasks, prioritizing work efforts.
  • Relevant experience leading a team.
  • Competent interpersonal communication skills.
  • Excellent work ethics.


Job Description:

  • Manage the development of business projects.
  • Assess users’ needs, and where appropriate, recommend improvements.
  • Identify the team members’ skills and weaknesses and assign assignments accordingly.
  • To assess team members’ computer code before integrating it into the production environment.
  • Communicate with users on potential issues and find appropriate technical solutions to implement.
  • Keeping up with technical developments and proposing that new technologies be implemented in the company.
  • Reports to IT Manager on the progress of development teams and projects.

Life at Cybersprout

Work-Life Balance

You can't do a good job if you neglect your personal life.

Cybersprout is a well-balanced environment where you can spend time with your family and devote time to your hobbies.


We develop team skills through monthly luncheons and different lifestyle experiences.

Our Office

A relaxing space that feels like home. You can take a break on the couch or work while standing, and you can work as you please.

Other Benefits

Do you like extras? We do. Here are just some of them awaiting the successful candidate…

  • Public holidays and leaves are in accordance with MOM regulations.
  • Group Hospitalisation & Surgical Insurance Coverage.
  • Group Term Life Insurance Coverage.
  • Individual Performance Bonus.
  • Medical & Dental Benefits.
  • Professional Development.
  • Bento Lunch Box, whenever possible.
  • Staff Birthday Celebration.
  • Occasional Beer time.
  • Tasty Office Snacks.
  • Teambuilding activities with your team members.
  • Annual Teambuilding & Dinner.
  • Free high-speed internet Wi-Fi access.
  • Flexible Work Arrangement.
  • 医療保険
  • 有給休暇(14日間~)
  • 病気休暇(14日間~)
  • その他の休暇 (出産育児休暇/ チャイルドケア休暇/ 忌引休暇)
  • 団体医療保険(入院・手術)
  • 団体生命保険
  • ボーナス制度(個人のパフォーマンスによる)
  • 旧正月のアンパオ(お年玉)
  • 弁当ランチ など
  • 誕生日祝い(ケーキカッティングと映画ペアチケット)
  • 部署ごとの食事会
  • ビールタイム
  • チームビルディングイベントとディナー(年に一度)
  • 高速Wi-Fiアクセス
  • フレックス制度

You don't need a university degree to work with us.

Emphasis on current ability and personality rather than past education and achievements.

We focus more on a person’s personality, mindset, work ethic, current skills and experience, and what you want to be in the future, rather than your education and performance in previous jobs.

We’ve outlined below some of the key points we believe are important to us. If you’re up for the challenge, please let us know!

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  • Critical Thinking
  • Tactful and creative
  • Personal problem-solving skills (what hands-on could do?)
  • The grace to not shy away from delivering results
  • Initiative/Proactivity
  • Mental toughness without the stress of competition
  • Emphasis on teamwork
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Cultural fit


Please tell us your ideal career